How a surgeon helped a lost cause

This is a true story about a patient that was brought in to a hospital after getting seriously injured during a hunting season. Had it not been the expertise of a plastic surgeon on the duty, the outcome of the entire process would have been completely different.

A group of young friends took their vehicles and parked in a hunting range. They were equipped with shotguns. During the long and arduously long hunt, they decided to take a break. We have all heard the stories and warnings regarding ensuring a safety lock on these weapons. Someone forgot to do that. While cleaning shotgun's stock area, the young chap failed to realize that the safety was off and the weapon was live and loaded. The trigger was pulled in mistakenly during the cleaning process and the resulting spray of slugs ripped through another friend's thigh. It was at least a few hours after they were able to bring the injured guy to the hospital.

Upon close inspection and first aid, the case was forwarded to a plastic surgeon. This is where his expertise shined out. He had studied the injury closely, removed all the burnt and torn flesh and explained that had it been any later, things would have gotten worse. The injured boy was informed that he might not be able to walk properly ever again.

While the time was ticking away, the plastic surgeon did his best and a few days later, the same injured person was able to walk once again. Using certain synthetic material, new skin was designed and attached to the leg and normal functionality was eventually restored. While the leg had lost a lot of flesh, the only downside was that one leg now looked a few centimeters shorter than the other. However, what was thought impossible was scrapped away and the doctor ensured that the person still continued to walk on his on.